Kristupas Sabolius, On Non-human Imagination

26 October 2022 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

 Mercoledì 26 ottobre alle ore 18:00, presso Palazzo Nuovo (Via Sant'Ottavio 20, Aula 7), Kristupas Sabolius (Vilnius University) terrà una conferenza dal titolo On Non-human Imagination. Introduce Federico Vercellone (Università di Torino). Sarà discussant Gregorio Tenti (Università di Torino). Di seguito l'abstract della conferenza.


The Imagination is one of the highest prerogatives of man. By this faculty he unites, independently of the will, former images and ideas, and thus creates brilliant and novel results”  stated Charles Darwin, and consequently laid ground for a tradition which pairs human exceptionalism with the faculty of imagination. The bottom line of this stance is this: marked by aesthetical and creative incapability, non-human creatures cannot properly imagine namely because they are captivated by the functional logic of needs. Imagination presupposes the dimension of freedom, which is thought to be inaccessible in the domain of ‘nature.

Stemming from a few cases of non-human imagination (Gorilla Koko, cubomedusae with 24 eyes) as well as by employing Gilbert Simondon’s poorly examined theory of imagination, this lecture outlines the role of imagination that exceeds imagining subject as well as focuses on the mode of correlation with associated milieu. Rejecting the primacy of representation, Simondon’s take enables one to draw the conclusion that imagination can be attributed to all living beings and conceived as one of the fundamental ‘functions’ of life.


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