F. Vercellone, S. Tedesco (Eds.), Glossary of Morphology

Glossary of Morphology, edited by Federico Vercellone and Salvatore Tedesco for the "Lecture Notes in Morphogenesis" book series of Springer Nature, has been published. The volume contains 124 chapters written by renowed international scholars, each one on a different issue in Morphology.


Here is an excerpt from the editors' Introduction.


"Far from purporting to reconstruct and photograph the various disciplinary issues involved in the complexity of their articulation, the Glossary instead aims, more modestly, to actively encourage and engage an interdisciplinary dialogue. In addition, it aims to outline the possibility of practicing morphology as an original disciplinary synthesis constantly in evolution. Consistent with this dual purpose, an attempt has been made to provide the reader with the keys and tools to continue the work across its wide range from the arts to humanities to the sciences, as well as in specific disciplinary fields such as those of mathematical studies, contemporary biology, juridical studies and so on, thus demonstrating the contribution that a morphological consideration is able to provide precisely on an original methodological level, to which the contents are strictly connected".